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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  December 3, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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the ukrainian president survives a no-confidence vote against him in parliament. this as mass protests continue outside. take downbangkok barriers around their headquarters. the latest and the government moved not to confront protesters. the opposition says despite the partial victory, their fight to bring down the government will go on. and grace kelly's engagement ring, kate middleton's royalty our eye, and the finest pink diamond ever are all on display at the new cartier exhibit in paris. france 24.ching
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the ukrainian president has survived a no-confidence vote against his government. the by the opposition to try to force his prime minister out of office leaves the growing through -- the growing tensions in ukraine on results. hundreds of thousands have turned out in anger against the , who backtracked on a key trade deal with the european union in favor of russia. for more, i am joined by gulliver within the parliament. what was it like during the vote? was extremely rowdy, as they often are in ukrainian parliament. .here are a lot of disruptions the prime minister had decided to not even be president -- sorry, not even be present for this vote of no-confidence against his government. the opposition said that was not liked in terms of procedure. inhad difficulty getting
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because of the protesters outside, and when he finally did get in and started to make his speech, he was booted because he -- he was booed because he made the speech and russian. ukrainian,"hanted " but it is very well-known that the prime minister does not speak ukrainian very well. of "ukrainian, ukrainian," were joined by cries of "resign, resign." he made an impassioned speech saying that if you do not vote ,or this vote of no-confidence it will cause the economic collapse of the country. -- all thate to the was to no avail because in the end the motion failed by 200 26 votes to 186. we saw that yeah ninkovich still
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has a very comfortable lead in the parliament. mentioned there are many protesters still outside parliament. what is next for them given the vet -- given the results of this vote? leadersf the opposition said that the demonstrations will carry on and that the will take leadership particular care to make sure the demonstrators say safe and that the demonstrators do not turn violent again and that the organizes aovement general strike. theas to be said that protest for the opposition, even though there was never any real hope that they no-confidence motion could skin sick -- could succeed. >> thank you so much for that,
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gulliver cragg. one of the biggest intrigues in the history of the bolshoi ballet has come to an end. a russian judge has convicted a dancer at the theater for his attack on thed ballet's artistic director. our correspondent has more. >> he used to dance on one of the world's most famous stages. now he will spend six years behind bars. the dancer was found guilty of masterminding an attack on the theater's artistic director, along with two accomplices. fairrosecutor asked for prison terms and we believe that guilt has been proven. >> the bolshoi's artistic director was attacked in january on his way home, with a man throwing acid in his face, causing severe burns and extensive damage to his eyes.
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major oh pleaded not -- pavel dmitrichenko pleaded not guilty. he was found guilty along with the driver. revealed the rivalry between them. spreading rumors about alleged affairs with ballerinas. supporters praise the dancer for standing up for those who were too afraid to speak up against the director. some dancers even made a last- minute plea for leniency in an open letter, saying the trial had not offered evidence confirming his guilt. twist -- >> police in bangkok have taken down concrete errors and barbed wire in their headquarters. they have led antigovernment protesters into the building ahead of the threatened assault.
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that move was aimed at avoiding any further clashes between the two sides. the opposition says despite that victory, it is ready to fight on. a carnival atmosphere in bangkok. takedown razor wire since they announced tuesday morning they were standing down. >> in order to reduce the tension, between the protesters barriers have, been opened to let protesters come into the area. >> the breakthrough is being inled as a victory and comes sharp contrast to the violence of the past four days are at least three people died and hundreds more were injured. as police stand by and events
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unfold, protesters vowed to continue their campaign. >> we do not want to dissolve parliament. we do not want new elections because we will lose anyway. we want their family to leave the country. >> it is unclear where things will go from here. the prime minister has said she's willing to do everything it takes to end the protests made it clear that she cannot hand over power to another elected council. unelected council. >> charges of public insults and are links to an interview bob dylan gave last year. in a deeper -- in it he compared croatians to not these and the ku klux klan. there has been no comment from the center. >> -- from the singer. thef you are in paris in coming months and you love sparkly things, you can get up
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close and personal with some of the world's greatest jewels. grace kelly's engagement ring, the halo tiara won by kate middleton at her wedding, or the necklace given to elizabeth taylor by richard burton on atentine's day show up now the cartier style and history. >> for fans of the french jeweler, there will be a trip out memory lane. along with trs, necklaces, and cigarette cases, a host of gems worn by celebrities over the years. it hope -- it hopes to accent cartier's role in history. cartier's great successes is to be between two world. richard edition with its convention in a -- in a very modern world in which we are freer, where they can wear makeup and smoke.
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than 600al, more pieces will be exhibited, ranging from the elite -- mystery clocks with no visible mechanism -- to the glamorous. visitors will get a glimpse into grace kelly's jewelry docs -- jewelry box and see the finest pink diamond ever discovered, even to queen elizabeth ii. is on display until february 16. world'sonder where the star students are located, look no further than shanghai. that chinese city has ranked top in math, reading, and science among teenagers. a new global report says that east asian schools are at the top of academic excellence by tackling tough classrooms and abandoning rote learning. things were not so good for
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students in the united states. a 15-year-old there jailed in math and were average for reading and science. france is above average in reading and writing but has reading and math, now in 20 fifth place. we leave you with that. you are watching "france 24." >> i am joined on the set by mrs. rush -- -- what is making headlines this morning? >> we start with syria and the question of bashar al-assad. i will go straight away the independent newspaper in the u.k.. bashar al-plicated
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assad in war crimes. you can see the piece there. the u.n. is keeping full lists of suspected war criminals. the evidence -- until the evidence is requested for an incredible -- four a credible investigation. more broadly on the situation seery, it is a story not being covered as much as usual compared to the events on the ground. when they go to this piece in "the washington post," each is saying that even if bashar al- assad is ousted, we will face a second syrian war. that is an affiliate of al qaeda called the islamic state of iraq and syria. the washington peace, the washington post is saying that his organization, the islamic state of iraq and syria, currently has 5000 fighters and 2000 recruits from northern syria.
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they are terrifying other groups in syria. the whole threat they pose is being outlined by the syrian army -- the free syrian army. qaeda at battled al over 24 locations around syria. we are still in the long haul with syria over this. >> we go to used in europe now, and you found a story in the "croatian times." folkis is about the rock legend bob dylan, who we all know and love. some of us hate him, though. "the croatian times" being lambasted, a story tout an interview he came that he gave to "rolling stone" in the united states last year. he is being taken to court in france, sued for alleged racism,
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inciting racism. he has likened croatians to nazis and to slave owners. incredibly, jade, if he is found guilty, he could be fined. legionjust given the d'honneur this year. that was translated into french, and the croats in france decided to take a comment he made in the report there a seriously, at face value, and they are pushing for him to be fined for this. a bit of a turnaround in terms of his appreciation in france, where bob dylan is very much appreciated. angering a fascinating story. quickly, sticking with the -- >> a fascinating story. >> there is an article in the ukraine paper "the key of
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post-," which is saying we have gone from a situation that is very tense to revolutionary. the article in the magazine and the newspaper online says that is way out for jenna kovacic difficult to imagine now because by pushing so far, going so closely towards prudent and away from the you, he is getting into so much public opinion. the great concern this tuesday is that he will unleash syria's violence, and his regime will end up in prison and has nowhere to go. of course, the whole question of ukrainian politics now is really burning away. we have a tense situation and we do not know what is going to happen. >> thank you so much. wrapping up headlines in international papers.
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russian entrepreneur -- brother cycling team, which he has long sponsored. london, itch in moved to its second sponsor. building the best team in world cycling. >> money is not everything, but that means a lot, of course. buy more riders, if you wish. .t is a long project 15, 16, 17, we will buy more riders.
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they fell out during the tour de france this year. it is very big news right now. there are teams that are disappearing as there are not enough sponsors. out of his own interests, with the great passion he has for the world of cycling, to make such a large investment is truly very good for the sport. >> the entrepreneur has hit 6 million euros for the team found that more than a decade ago by the tour de france ritter greece. despite being redcarded in the first leg of their playoff win in ukraine. severalisk of missing matches, but the committee imposed a one-game ban.
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summer'sfor next welcome france will take place in bakiyev. including the host brazil. following an impressive performance in the federation's cup last summer, they beat sprain 3-0 in the final -- they beat spain 3-0 in the final. it is impossible to say at first. brazil cannot win the world cup. do they have the same potential as in the past? i don't think so. they are not as good as they were in attacking positions. defenders.reat they also have very good and technical midfielders. creativity lacking
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like we have seen in the past. brazil has won the world cup a record five times. the creative hopes rest on the shoulders of name a, who joined the summer. he seems to be a responsible guy, and i have the impression he never doubts himself. i never see him doubting. i don't think he has mental problems. the question will be, thus he have the fantastic talent? that everyone seems to be affording him? in last summer's confederation cup, the golden bowl for this
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tournament has become the third- highest scorer. cap as for the inaugural eurasia cup in 2014 have been named. a 19-time champion on the european tour, joining a five- time asian tour winner, will join the ceremony in hong kong. a 1937, this day, it was magnificent event. we will follow in the same way, no?
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i am delighted to be there. for the first couple of days of this event. and asia will clash over three days at the glenn from golf and country club march 27-march 29. >> the pro-europe protests in ukraine, carried by official media. campaign tackling violence against women in the arab world. and a mini documentary about record-breaking -- a record- breaking recordbreaker. the first cause to protest in ukraine were relayed on social media, following the
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government's refusal to find an agreement with the european union. continue, protests and activists are making great use of the web to coordinate actions. the facebook page, which boasts over 110,000 members, is a virtual headquarters. "the post" is here on a daily basis, offering protesters something to it and somewhere to warm up before heading back out into the cold. with people from all over the country coming to key of to join the pro-europe movement, residents of the capital are using this facebook page to find them processors -- the protesters a place to stay. witness to the scale of legalization of the protest actions undertaken. mr. it is have decorated the christmas tree in independence square, for example, covering it
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with yellow and blue. the colors of the european union flags. >> a women's rights activist group from the arab world launched the do you know campaign, the international day for elimination of violence against women. it targets all forms of violence from physical to sexual to discrimination in the workplace, they say fueled by the laws in this part to the world. from jordan to mauritania to produce infographics that she law,that under yemeni women are considered to be their husband's or property. egypt's penal code. men -- campaign has been promoted
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by a social media platform with web users sharing information about places in their country. others are showing support through photos, like the syrian man holding a sign to say that he thinks eating a woman is a sign of weakness -- that beating a woman is a sign of weakness and not of manliness. claiming seven out of 10 women have been subjected to some form of violence. due to forced marriages. madrid barajas airport, tokyo international airport, and london's waterloo station has expanded its navigation service to 60 -- 15 airports and 60 train stations to allow
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travelers to plan their trips ahead of time. some of these stops are notoriously easy to get lost in. american web user lindsey fisher start the glasses for nowhere facebook page when noah refused to wear his glasses. showing that the 4 --year-old was not a big deal, but the page from adultsg posts clear to show that anyone can wear glasses including adults and teenagers. run a half marathon with a bottle of milk on your head? long-distance skipping or juggling upside down? here are some of the unlikely world records held by this american man, the man with the
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most guinness world records of all time. his story is told in this documentary, and it is called "the recordbreaker."
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